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Advanced connected
vehicle technology

Taking advantage of the latest innovations in telematics software and hardware

Airmax Remote is leading the way in fleet telematics. Whatever your business and type of vehicle operation, we can work with you to deliver genuine value and return on investment.

By creating a digital ecosystem from any number of your fleet’s data consumption points, we can give you the ability to remotely monitor assets, automatically benchmark key information and make informed business decisions.

Our telematics proposition

Airmax is a complete, fully managed fleet telematics service provider that helps with Visibility, Maintenance, Compliance, and Efficiency. We create a unified fleet management system.


  • Real Time Reporting

  • Alerts & Notification

  • Benchmarking & Analytics

  • Digitise & Data Driven

  • Remote Monitoring 


  • Proactive Vehicle Health 

  • Downtime Management  

  • Control Warranty Claims  

  • Predicted Contracted Mileage  

  • Driver location for breakdown recovery and RV 


  • FNOL Capture & Notifications 

  • Duty of Care Reporting 

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery  

  • Driver Profiling 

  • Vehicle Checks  


  • Streamline Processes 

  • Enhanced Optimisation & Utilisation 

  • Reduce Unnecessary Mileage 

  • Tangible Savings and ROI 

  • Audit and Paperless Records 

A fully customisable and mobile-friendly
online telematics portal

Because we understand the fleet requirements of our customers our mobile-friendly, highly responsive and powerful telematics portal has been designed to enhance the end-user experience and remote access.

  • Real-time visibility of driver and vehicle data
  • Risk mitigation of data abuse
  • Tools to speed up daily duties and reduce admin
  • Provides management information and analysis
  • Exception-based reporting

How does Telematics work?

A telematics system works by collecting real-time vehicle location and data via a GPS-enabled device in the vehicle. This data is then transmitted between the vehicle and a Telco company via a cellular network (or via a satellite) to a data centre where it is processed.

Users are then able to access this information via our web-based SaaS platform, where it can be analysed and used to give meaningful business insight. Fleet managers interpret this data allowing them to make better decisions regarding the operation of their fleet. For example, the data might be used to optimise routing, schedule servicing/maintenance to avoid vehicle downtime, monitor fuel usage and improve driver behaviour.

How will telematics benefit my business?

Reducing risk, improving driver behaviour and reducing overall running costs are some of the major advantages of implementing telematics in your fleet of vehicles. We will help maximise your ROI and integrate our platform into your business so you are able to realise all of the benefits our solutions will bring to your business.

Some of our complementary value-added products that can be used alongside our advanced fleet telematics solution

Remote Mileage Manager
Records trips direct from your telematics system and allow company and grey fleet drivers to submit their fuel expenses claims

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) designed to combat dangerous and inefficient driving, as well as meet planned legislation.

Improve road safety, minimise insurance costs and better protect drivers with our integrated fleet dashcams.

“Airmax’s Mileage Manager has greatly helped us by providing visibility and digitising our drivers’ journeys. This has resulted in a 28% reduction in business mileage claimed across our company and grey fleets.”
“I found Airmax to be a great company, very flexible, responsive and supportive of our needs as a customer. Throughout they worked extremely closely with us to ensure a smooth transition, ensure we procured the most appropriate product and support required to drive forward our business performance.”
“The Airmax system represents a major step forward for Dorset in terms of operational fleet control, risk and cost reduction.”
“The Airmax system has reduced our fleet accident rate by 34% and has been a significant factor in reducing our fleet mileage by 1 million miles a year.”
“At Infinis we invest heavily in fuel and the maintenance of the fleet and the Airmax Remote system provides us with a suite of reports that assist us in improving driver safety behaviour and driving down fleet costs.”

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      At Airmax, we have exciting news and offers about our products and services that we’d like to share with you. We will treat your information with care and will never sell or pass your details on to any 3rd party companies for marketing purposes.

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