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The benefits of

Understanding the opportunities for rapid ROI

Every fleet can benefit from using telematics, whatever its size, type or purpose. While requirements and objectives may differ, there are some key aspects that can be applied to any vehicle operation to achieve return on investment (ROI) multiple times greater than the cost of deploying the technology.

Airmax Remote works with you to gain insight to further understand your fleet. By taking a consultative approach, we can devise a strategy that targets the greatest opportunities and positively impacts and improves your vehicle operation.

Maximise ROI and target continuous improvement with a focused and flexible approach

We are confident that we can achieve a significant level of ROI by defining your objectives and designing a system that meets these goals. We then baseline your performance and use exception reporting that delivers actionable insight. While the exact level and nature of returns is influenced by the quality of your existing fleet processes, we believe most vehicle operations can target a ROI ratio of more than 4:1.

Telematics technology offers many different benefits, but for most fleets, a small number of them will deliver a significant proportion of the value. One customer, operating a fleet of 1,800 has been able to make an annual saving of over £1 million by focusing on three main operating costs — fuel, maintenance and insurance. This equates to an impressive ROI ratio of 8:1.

Key benefits

1,500 miles

Saved per year, per vehicle because of
better planning


Value of vehicles safely recovered after
being stolen

Increase in capacity utilisation by up
to 16%

Up to 21% improvement reported in
real world MPG

2% cost saving per month through
accurate fuel card reconciliation

Why Airmax Remote should be your first choice

Partner Programme

With a successful and proven track record, Airmax Remote is a valued technology partner for a growing number of UK organisations with more than 100,000 telematics devices deployed. This includes 10% of blue light fleets and 12% of the top FN50 fleets in the UK.

End-to-End Offering

As a UK-based end-to-end SaaS solution provider, Airmax Remote is unique in that it owns all of the corresponding intellectual property throughout the value chain. We also handle design, manufacturing, hosting, telecoms and support requirements in-house.

Technology Innovation

Airmax Remote is a technology pioneer with a host of industry firsts. We have evolved from a supplier of simple track-and-trace technology to a leading provider of complete fleet management solutions that incorporate the latest advances in vehicle, fleet and video telematics.

Some of our complementary value-added products that can be used alongside our advanced fleet telematics solution

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) designed to combat dangerous and inefficient driving, as well as meet planned legislation.

Remote Mileage Manager
Records trips direct from your telematics system and allow company and grey fleet drivers to submit their fuel expenses claims.

Improve road safety, minimise insurance costs and better protect drivers with our integrated fleet dashcams.

“Airmax’s Mileage Manager has greatly helped us by providing visibility and digitising our drivers’ journeys. This has resulted in a 28% reduction in business mileage claimed across our company and grey fleets.”
“I found Airmax to be a great company, very flexible, responsive and supportive of our needs as a customer. Throughout they worked extremely closely with us to ensure a smooth transition, ensure we procured the most appropriate product and support required to drive forward our business performance.”
“The Airmax system represents a major step forward for Dorset in terms of operational fleet control, risk and cost reduction.”
“The Airmax system has reduced our fleet accident rate by 34% and has been a significant factor in reducing our fleet mileage by 1 million miles a year.”
“At Infinis we invest heavily in fuel and the maintenance of the fleet and the Airmax Remote system provides us with a suite of reports that assist us in improving driver safety behaviour and driving down fleet costs.”

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      At Airmax, we have exciting news and offers about our products and services that we’d like to share with you. We will treat your information with care and will never sell or pass your details on to any 3rd party companies for marketing purposes.

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