Airmax Response targets the emergency services with launch of integrated event data recorder solution - Airmax

Instantaneous access to event data recorder saves money and resources, whilst delivering accurate FNOL data in the event of a roadside incident

Airmax Remote, the vehicle telematics and data services provider, today announced the launch of Airmax Response, the most accurate and cost-effective data-driven telematics solution available and specifically designed to meet the vital needs of the emergency services.

Airmax Response is unique as unlike other telematics suppliers it provides robust accident/collision management data via an embedded incident data recorder (IDR). Data from the IDR is instantaneously notifies endpoints making the information available to view via the Airmax application. Historically, obtaining IDR information in the aftermath of an accident or a roadside incident is an expensive, time-consuming process, which requires a third-party specialist to extract the data.

Airmax Response collects CAN data from its in vehicle telematics device but can also use auxiliary digital outputs to enhance telematics reporting and monitors key data from the activation of blues and twos, sirens, run lock, at scene and 999 events complimented by telematics data to KPI’s measuring speed/over revving/idling/harsh acceleration and braking. Airmax Response is a turnkey solution and can be fitted by a vehicle converter prior to delivery.

Data is collected at an unprecedented 100hz (100 times a second), whilst vehicle data of twenty seconds either side of the incident is available and recorded for the duration and sent automatically subject to thresholds and severity. By recording and monitoring a greater number of data points when the emergency vehicle is on active duty ensures that data attributed to any roadside incident or accident can be instantly accessed for the purpose of FNOL.

Airmax Response also automatically logs each vehicle journey to an individual driver ID via a contactless RFID proximity reader that can be controlled by a whitelist for preauthorised cards to limit the risk of vehicles being started by non-authorised personnel. This feature can also incorporate an ignition inhibit facility which requires driver ID in order to complete the ignition cycle.

A volunteer-led, charitable non-governmental organisation who has been working with Airmax throughout its recent product enhancements claims that “with this enhancement of connected services, hundreds of man hours will be saved, in claims from members of the public. We can simply prove where every vehicle has been to defend our organisation via alerts in real time, enabling us to react very quickly.

Steve Thompson, head of transport, West Yorkshire Police comments “Our partnership with Airmax informs our driver training programmes, targeting those drivers who need the most support with the right type and level of training. We also monitor mpg figures, have visibility of fuel refills, including where vehicles have refuelled. This enables us to identify those vehicles which don’t refuel at in-house locations and ensure they are utilising the cheapest forecourt suppliers.’’

Commenting on the launch of Airmax Reponse, Richard Perham, Managing Director, Airmax Remote said: “Airmax Response is a an integrated telematics solution that delivers greater functionality than any standard off-the-shelf system. For over twelve years, Airmax Remote has been a valued partner for a number of the UK’s police forces, which has ensured that Airmax Response has been designed to provide the functionality that the UK emergency services demand from a telematics provider. The key differentiator of Airmax Response is the integration of the IDR within the telematics device ‘a one box solution’. Notoriously, obtaining reliable date from the IDR has proved costly and a drain on resources, so to have instant access to the IDR in the event of an accident is a big game changer for the emergency services in protecting their employees and their assets.”

Airmax Remote will be showcasing their product portfolio/Airmax Response at this year’s NAPFM at Telford International Centre, stand 61 on 6th and 7th July 2021.

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      At Airmax, we have exciting news and offers about our products and services that we’d like to share with you. We will treat your information with care and will never sell or pass your details on to any 3rd party companies for marketing purposes.

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